Monday, February 18, 2013

Teamstinct: A unique team security feature for organizations

Getting straight to the point, Teamstinct has a unique feature that makes it stand out amongst all team communication tools and it is called 'Territorial Restrictions'. This unique feature allows certain certain 'channels' to be restricted to one or more 'territories', whereby a territory is typically a country, dependent territory or special areas of geographical interest.

Why are 'Territorial Restrictions' useful? If your organization has employees, contractors and clients spread across the globe, it may be desirable that certain information is not available to certain geographic areas.

As an example, your company maybe based in the United States and you may have clients world-wide. You want to be able to send sales and technical staff to meet clients knowing that certain corporate information can not be accessed from other countries. This means that when Mr Smith, the sales director is working in the US company headquarters, Teamstinct gives him complete access to the corporate channels. However, when Mr Smith jumps on a plane and arrives in France and logs into his Teamstinct account, automatically he no longer has access to those channels marked with 'Territorial Restrictions'. And as soon as he returns to the United States, he will automatically regain access to the restricted channels.

This feature is probably not particularly useful to the majority, but to a small minority could prove to be essential.

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